Birth-Grade 6


-FCC KIDS-  The goal of FCC Kids is to provide an exciting midweek program where kids can learn about and experience a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We want young people to grow up loving church and feeling that they are not only safe, but are within a setting in which they know they are cared about and loved.
-CHILDREN’S CHURCH AND SUNDAY SCHOOL-  Sunday morning children’s ministries focus on nurturing and developing children through teaching them about the Lord and how to care for others.  Various learning activities occur, including those that emphasize the importance of Bible Scripture memorization and prayer.
-VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL (VBS)-  For one week in the summer, a fun and exciting outreach ministry for children is provided to focus on bringing in both kids who are familiar with a church setting and those who ordinarily are not.  Based upon learning about God and how to have a meaningful relationship with Him, VBS is a great opportunity to invite other children who do not usually attend church.

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