Missions FCC Supports

Missions - Home and Abroad

The overall purpose of Missions - Home and Abroad is, as Jesus commanded, to reach others with the life-changing Message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In simple terms, His Message proclaims that by acknowledging our sins and confessing our need for a Savior, we can have those transgressions against God forgiven through Christ Jesus and live in a right-relationship with Him in this world and throughout eternity in Heaven.
     We do this through efforts locally and around the world. (see listing that follows) Regarding foreign missions, we endeavor to help reach the unreached through love and compassion by encouraging our missions workers in the field through prayers, finances, and visits.  The “FCC Missions Ministry” helps manage and oversee the funds budgeted for missions use.  We carefully review each request for financial help, pray about God’s leading in each ministry and how to best further His kingdom with these monies. At First Christian Church we strive to reach people in love, to teach them of Christ, and to walk beside them, training them to carry the Gospel to others.

Foreign Missions

-Mark Begarly
-Gianni Bruno
-Ian Fry
-Kevin Fry
-C. Y. Kim 
-T. Lunkim
-David Morris
-Leroy Randall

Home Missions

Ministries in Kosciusko County

-Fellowship Missions
-Heartline Pregnancy Center
-Jail Ministry
-Our Father’s House

Other Ministries
-Chaplaincy Service
-Michiana Christian Service Camp
-Woodburn Christian Children’s Home

Christian Colleges
-Cincinnati Christian University
-Great Lakes Christian College
-Johnson University
-Lincoln Christian University

University Campus Houses
-Ball State Christian Campus House
-Purdue Christian Campus House

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