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WHEN GOD INTERRUPTS - The Interruption of God's Prompting

December 26, 2021 Pastor: Matthew Rogers Series: When God Interrupts

Topic: The Interruption of God's Prompting Passage: Matthew 2:1–2

It's remarkable how Christmas interrupts our lives every year. Some of us see it as a welcome interruption, a joyous change of pace filled with fun and cheer. Others see it as a meddlesome intrusion, an invader that wreaks havoc on schedules, pocket-books and travel times.

But have we ever considered how much the first Christmas interrupted the lives of people most closely involved?

In December 2021 on Sunday mornings, Matthew Rogers, Lead Minister, will guide us as we consider God's greatest interruption of all:  The moment he brought His Son, Jesus, into the world. And we will also learn to recognize God's invitation to interrupt our lives today through this same Jesus. 

Sunday morning Worship Services: 9:15 am & 10:45 am. Sunday morning classes for all ages at those times, as well.

December 26    The Interruption of God's Prompting (The Wise Men's Experience - Matthew 2:1-2)