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WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN? - A Protected People

May 29, 2022 Pastor: Matthew Rogers Series: WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN?

Topic: A Protected People Passage: Revelation 5:1– 8:5


(DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, there was no sound on May 29, 2022 recorded during either service. Please click on Downloads for a copy of the sermon for that day.)

This is the question on most people’s minds right now. 


  • We’ve just endured a global pandemic – and it quickly turned into the most divisive issue of our lifetimes.


  • Inflation is making everything cost a lot more – and it’s happening at an alarmingly fast rate.


  • Russia is in Ukraine – and it looks like it could potentially turn into World War III.


What’s going to happen?


The book of Revelation provides us with the Bible’s most intense gaze into the future.


Each title in this series is designed to answer the question: “What’s going to happen?” with the implied opening statement, “THERE WILL BE…”

May 29 - A Protected People (Rev. 5:1 - 8:5)